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Freeware program
Visual Ping Monitor v 1.65

Visual Ping monitor screenshot

Small program for monitor speed (in millisecond) ping (echo) 1kb network packet.

"Visual statistics basing on host reply time" (From freeware-guide.com).

How to install? Extract all files from zip archive in any dir & launch PiMon.exe!


DOWNLOAD Visual Ping monitor v.1.65 (325kb)
version 1.25


04-01-2005 v 1.63 Small enhances. Autoupdate check not work (many antivirus programm blocked this function).
14-Oct-2004 v 1.62beta Add check "One instance" in preferences. Fix bug with restire from tray.
30-Sep-2004 v 1.61beta Bug fixes with "Version check" add log some error. Add hint for address.
14-Sep-2004 v 1.60beta Enhance tray icon for ping>1000msec. Small fixes on startup.
06-Jan-2004 v 1.55 Now can zoom ping graphic (use Shift-click).
02-dec-2003 v 1.53 More information about ping error
14-Nov-2003 v 1.53 Add version check. Small bug fix.
05-Nov-2003 v 1.52 Add TrackBar Ping packet size. Bug fixes (filename log file now stored in .ini).
31-Oct-2003 v 1.50 Now advanced setting in preferences. Fix small bug (lost values on minimize, 'null' ping)
26-sep-2003 v.1.25 Write log to file; hide in tray when minimize.
07-feb-2003 v.1.22 Scalable graphics.
01-feb-2003 v.1.2 Three host ping, no "sleep" on ping.
28-jan-2003 v.1.0 First release.

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